District Championships

11 Apr 2016 12:06 PM | Robert

What a great tournament.... you all continue to amaze me with your dedication and effort for the team.  I saw so many fantastic things this tournament from our team.  Everywhere I looked I saw our team helping, cheering, competing.  We could not have been any better but I am sure we will try.

I know that many of you are rightfully disappointed with how some of the awards turned out.  I am too, I have seen who you are and what are team does not only for itself and its alliance but also for FIRST in general.  You are are the best of examples of what being in FIRST is all about.  You gave it everything you had and it was impressive.

Remember that you set your own standards and that success is only defined by your own standards.  If you did  the best you could do and you played at your best you are successful.  

Our robot on the field was always watched by everyone.  They enjoyed seeing what we could and how we could play.  We were THE FORCE on the field.  We showed our grit time after time and played at the highest level we have ever played at.  Of course the final was disappointing and I am convinced that if our alliance would have had three robots playing we could have won.  We took a calculated gamble in playing without 2907 in the first match.  We knew we could win with them and probably not with the backup robot.  Many people forgot that 2907 lost all their tools and pit materials in the same trailer that 2406 lost their robot.  We simply could not go on without them.  

My father used to say:  "What could have happened, did happen."   There is no point in pondering the ifs and whys and trying to blame anyone or anything.  We did a tremendous job on the field and I will never forget our 2nd to last match in quals when we were able to help our dead partner up onto the batter and then hang ourselves...  or 1425 "flying" back to get the batter in the elimination rounds with us.    

There are many deserving teams in PNW for the Chairman's Award.  We are certainly among them.  This  year they chose to pick 3 other teams and not pick us.  This certainly does not mean we are not deserving or that somehow we "lost." Put yourself in the shoes of the judges and think about how hard it was for them to make their decision. 

The quality of our team and our effort is not a function of someone else's standards on a given day.  Over and over our Chairman's team and the rest of the team have demonstrated that they are the premier team in the PNW and one of the best in the world.  Hold your heads up high because we are no different with the award or without it.. You have much to be proud of so don't judge yourselves by the awarding of a medal.

I could not be more proud of a team than I am of you.  10 years ago I never envisioned that we would be making the kind of difference we make in our community.  Celebrate that... it is an amazing thing brought about by real work and commitment. 

Now its on to the World Championship,  We are ready!!  We have the best team in all of FIRST in my mind and we will go out to St. Louis and show it again.

Win or lose you have a great deal to be proud of.  Don't forget we did end up as #1  in points in all of PNW.  Everyone looks to us to lead and wants to be like us.

Let's not let them down....  


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