Auburn Mountainview

07 Mar 2016 11:28 AM | Robert

I want to start off by thanking some of those that really made this weekend special.  Big thanks to Bonnie for so many of the logistics for food and especially for getting the new mentor shirts done and distributed.  They looked great!! Thanks to all that loaded and transported our pit and equipment to Auburn. We had a great looking pit that took quite abit of wrangling to get loaded and transported.

Thanks Steve Burke for your constant attention to detail so that we can continue to compete at the level of excellence that we are showing.  Thanks to all of the mentors and parents for their consistent and continuing support of all we do as a team.  Big thanks to Dave M and to Loren and the scouting team for all of the great data on how we need to face the opponents we saw on the field and work with our partners.   EVERYONE was terrific!!

It was a fantastic weekend.... on and off the field.   I saw many teams that had parts that we helped with on the field and got many compliments and thanks for helping them be the best they could be.  This is really the best part of doing this, helping other teams be their best.

On the field, we were functioning as well as any robot I saw the entire weekend. Consistency and excellent operation of the robot by our drive team and pit crews put us in a position to win on the field.  It was truly a team effort in that regard.  

The strategies that we worked out at the beginning of the year really paid off.  We broke 4 defenses in every match we played in to get those ranking points that we needed.  Once we got the climb working it was the envy of every team there.

My favorite thing all weekend was in match 62 when our partners had difficulties with their robots and we had to face three robots by ourselves.  Our drive team responded with a calm and efficient game plan and we did what we do best and managed to get a 1 point win.  You can see that match here:

Our Chairman's team had a great presentation and got edged out for Chairman's by a great team (2557)  We will continue working and get ready for Central Washington and try for the Chairman's win there. 

We are going to not only maintain the level of excellence that we showed this past weekend, but we are going to need to get better to continue winning.  Every team will be getting better and although we were very good... we have room for improvement.  Continued work and concentration will yield us even better results in the next competitions   We have made our first steps towards success.  Let's take a little breath... but then rejoin the work necessary to make us excellent.

I am proud of everyone's efforts all weekend.  You should also take pride in what you do for the team.  Without EVERYONE doing their job we could not be successful.  

Now....   back to work...!!

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