Robot Reveal

23 Feb 2016 11:19 AM | Robert

Well, we are about to put another robot into its bag for competition.

I am extremely happy with the way the entire team has pulled together and put a great product out there.  Not only do we have a competitive robot, but we have great products from the Chairman's Teams,   a fantastic media effort both in print and in video production,  an enthusiastic approach to our community and business outreach events and in general an awesome effort from the team this year.

I would be remiss to not mention  just a few of the great mentors and team members that have gone above and beyond and helped us along the way.  Ken, Gloria and the design team have bird-dogged the design all of the way and we have a very robust robot that is very successful in carrying out our key performance parameters.  We will continue to tweak it and make it better but we go to the field in Auburn with a solid robot.  

Programming mentors and team members have worked diligently and our robot will perform the way it needs to on the field.  This is also a continuing process and I know we will do more as the season progresses.  

Patrick and Loren and others put in yeoman's work and spent countless hours assembling (and un-assembling) and re-assembling the robot as we found small things that needed to be made better so that the design can come to fruition. 

It may seem difficult sometimes to make the small changes now, but this will pay off big time as the season progresses and we see other robots around us break and not be able to be fixed.  We will certainly run into some of our own problems but the attention to detail that we are displaying now will pay big benefits during competitions. 

The electronics layout is simply the best and cleanest that we have every produced and the hours of refinement and planning that went into it were well worth it.  Thanks need to be given to Mr. DeSilva and the electronics team members for getting that done.

I have to mention that the bumpers look awesome!!  Mr Bajocich and the team members that helped there have done a magnificent job.  Everyone will certainly like our wonderful clean bumpers... we will have to dirty them up a little... but they will stay together and serve us well.

The media group (Alexis and Mr. Smith and the team members) have put together a great team image this year that is well thought out and really puts us on a different level from other teams in how we have integrated the them of this year into our designs and our brand.  Videos have been produced and other teams will take notice of us in many ways.

I can go on and on.... we are producing at a very high level of excellence in almost everything we do this year.   I cannot be more proud of your efforts and I just want us to continue.  Everyone on the team shares in the accomplishments.

We are perched on the brink of a new competitive season,  You should all be very proud of what you have accomplished. but don't just rest on your laurels and coast.  We have much to do

We need to strive for excellence, on and off the field, Be the best you can be. 

We want to be the team that helps everyone and can be seen having a great time being in FIRST.  Win or lose we need to show the spirit of FIRST.  

Remember that good is the enemy of great.   Good enough is not what we do. 

Thank you all for choosing to be part of our team, parents, mentors, and students.   We have much to be proud of and still much to do.

See you all on the field!!!


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