Welcome Back!!

06 Jan 2016 11:15 AM | Robert

Welcome back after a well-deserved respite from school and robotics.

I am looking forward to getting started with all of you on the new game "Stronghold"   We will find out this weekend what that means.

I think that the strength of our team lies in our ability to all work together and get things done.  Often it is easy to let someone else do something.  To just "Let things happen to oneself."   The mark of successful individuals and teams is that they "MAKE things happen" and not just let them happen.

Try and be a part of that during the Robotics season this year.  When something needs to get done, accept the challenge and take it on.   If you need help you can always get it from another student or a mentor.  Don't be afraid of taking on new things.  Mistakes can be your friend and they are truly one of the best ways to learn.  Listen to advice from more experienced individuals and benefit from it.

Listening is one of the arts of communication that is often overlooked.  Be a listener and then when you have something to say, others will listen to you too.

Remember that their are many small steps in getting to any large goal.  There is no shortcut to excellence, it is earned.  Our team has been able to benefit from making plans and carrying them out even though sometimes we seem to be going very slowly.  In the end we have a superior product and we have also all learned how to be better

Good luck this year ...  I am proud to be your coach and proud to work with all of you.   

This is the year where ...   "THE SKUNK AWAKENS...."

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